How To Be Less Old

How To Be Less Old

If ‘OK! Magazine’ reads more like a "who’s that?" than a who’s who; if you have zero clue what #ILY stands for; if you wonder why that cute lesbian keeps getting into trouble, only to find out it’s Justin Bieber--then you need a shot of pop culture Botox called OMFG! Deanna Raphael (FunnyorDie, HGTV) and Emily Foster (‘Love You, Mean It with Whitney Cummings,’ ‘Talking Dead’) are in their 30s but are trying to stay relevant in a world that’s constantly changing. Each episode they recruit and interrogate one representative of America’s youth to explain their dating rituals, communication practices, and the difference between a Miley and a Bieber.

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How To Be Less Old - Third Love - November 07, 2017
How To Be Less Old - Earwolf Host Read Promos - October 31, 2017

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