StarTalk All Stars

StarTalk All Stars

StarTalk All-Stars will be hosted by a revolving slate of all-star scientists and science educators led by Bill Nye the Science Guy and including Dr. Helen Fisher, Dr. David Grinspoon, Dr. Janna Levin, Dr. Charles Liu, Dr. Amy Mainzer, Dr. Mike Massimino, Dr. Carolyn Porco, Dr. Emily L. Rice, Dr. Seth Shostak, and Dr. Natalie Starkey. These all stars, some of whom have previously guest-hosted on the StarTalk Radio podcast, and all of whom have been guests on the show, will be backed up by regular StarTalk comic co-hosts including Maeve Higgins, Leighann Lord, Eugene Mirman, and Chuck Nice.

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StarTalk All Stars - - October 24, 2017
StarTalk All Stars - Hold On Podcast - July 18, 2017

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